Pollution license from Rajasthan Pollution board

Documents required for registration:

Firm/company ownership documents

  • Latest List of partners / Latest List of Directors / Order of the Managing Agent appointed by Central Government/ State Government / Local Authority as an occupier.
  • In case of change of Directors submit Form No. 32 of the Companies Act, 1956.
  • Partnership deed / Memorandum of Articles of Association.

Land ownership document

  • Land ownership documents (Sale deed/Rent deed / Lease deed) with Land use conversion document if applicable.

Documents related to electrical power and date of start of production

  • Load sanction copy & First electricity bill for registration.

Identification document

  • Photo ID and address proof of the Occupier.
  • Photo ID and address proof of the Factory Manager.

The process to apply for a Factory License in the state of Rajasthan:

STEP 1: For applying factory license register yourself on the website
STEP 2: Register yourself and create your login
STEP 3: You have to login first on Single Sign On and then select the RajFAB icon in Single Sign-On Dashboard to use RajFAB application. Please note that Business Registration Number (BRN) from and Labour Identification Number (LIN) from are needed to use the RajFAB web application.
STEP 4: Keep scanned documents available. Click here to download Form No. 2 (Every page of the Documents submitted along with the Form should be self-attested by the Occupier or the Factory Manager along with the date.) Enter the web application at
STEP 5: Click form 2 button. (under Registration Section for Registration/ under Amendment Section for Amendment).
STEP 6: Fill in all mandatory fields marked as *
STEP 7: Make an online payment.
STEP 8: Submit the application

The time limit for approval

  • Non-Hazardous and non-power Factories - 7 days
  • Non-Hazardous Factories - 15 days
  • Hazardous Factories - 21 days
  • Factories carrying our Dangerous Operation - 21 days

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