Internet Service Provider License (ISP License)


India is at a stage where the Internet is becoming a new standard. Consequently, many telecom firms are emerging because of the prospects that can be found. Therefore the government is more than eager to give ISP license (Internet Service Provider) to new and existing telecommunications companies. For all the telecom-related facilities, there is only one license, called the Unified License. The holders can apply for ISP licenses in different areas under the Unified License. Therefore, one must obtain a single license in order to gain an ISP registration in India.

Although a company can hold only one Unified License, under this single license it is also possible for the same company to apply for various areas of ISP regions. When it comes to validity, though, the entire ISP region under the same license will only be valid for the same time. This means the ISP registration is valid in various areas as long as the Unified license is valid.

The Government of India has taken the initiative for telecom-related services in India and has developed a license known as a Unified License. Unified License Holder is eligible to apply for ISP licenses for various areas. One has to obtain a Unified License to provide ISP services. The requirement to obtain ISP authorization under the Unified Lice was then cleared.

Types of ISP license:

Class A license: this category of license area of the entire nation, means license holder can provide service in the entire nation

Class B license: this category license holder has a coverage area of telecom circle or metropolitan area

Class C license: This category license means a secondary switching area.

Eligibility for ISP license:

A company registered under Company Act 1956/2013 is qualified in India to obtain an ISP license. For company registration, an application can be filed with the company registrar by a consultant in the specified format.


Procedure and Documentation

STEP 1 Make registration if you don’t have a registration on saralsanchar website

STEP2 After making registration applicant will get the login credentials

STEP 3 Do the login and Apply for UL (Unified License) license

STEP 4 Fill the entire form step by step and upload the required documents as well. All the attached documents should be digitally signed & submit the form

STEP 5 make the payment for department processing fees of INR 15000 (non-refundable)

STEP 6 after submitting department may ask for clarification in within 60 days from the date of submission of the application or else it will issue LOI (letter of intent)

STEP 7 once LOI get generated applicant needs to uploads the signed LOI and BG (Bank Guarantee)

STEP 8 At last after all upload the department will issue the license in the name of the applicant

Documents required

a. Certificate of Incorporation

b. Directors and promoters detail

c. Bank guaranteed

d. Memorandum of association

e. Article of association

Costing for ISP license


Minimum Equity

Minimum net worth

Entry Fee


Performance BG


Financial BG


Application Processing Fee





30 Lakh

2 Crores

10 Lakh

50 Thousand




2 Lakh

10 Lakh

1 Lakh

15 Thousand




20 Thousand

50 Thousand

10 Thousand

10 Thousand

Stages to obtain Internet Service Provider License (ISP License)

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