Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF)


One of the world's leading food protection and quality control programs, the SQF (Safe Quality Food) program which is developed to meet the needs of retailers and suppliers around the world.

SQF offers independent certification that a product, process, or service complies with international and domestic food safety regulations, and allows a food supplier to provide assurances that food has been produced; prepared, and handled according to the highest possible standards.

The SQF Code meets the needs of all food industry suppliers through a globally recognized certification program, with a focus on the systematic application of HACCP for food safety hazard control. Implementing an SQF management system addresses the food safety needs of a customer and offers the solution for companies that supply local and global food markets.

SQF is recognized around the world by major retailers and foodservice providers needing a rigorous, credible food safety management program. Built as a food safety program, SQF also covers product quality with the SQF quality code, a feature unique to this type of certification program. We give SQF certification to ensure that the organization's products, processes, preparations and preparations, and handling of food products to the highest possible standards globally.

Types Of SQF Certification and Benefites

Type of certification under SQF:

Level One (Fundamentals)

Level 1 is for low-risk products and it includes fundamental safety control

Level two (Food Safety)

This level is certified by HACCP food safety plan that is benchmarked by GFSI

Level Three (Food safety and quality)

This level is a comprehensive implementation of safety and quality management system and it includes level 2

Benefits of SQF:

➲ Improve process management by helping in the identification and management of risk

➲  Prepare for existing and new food safety and regulatory requirements

➲  Provide due diligence and instill confidence in food safety, quality, and legality

➲  Monitor product safety and quality

➲  Achieve a higher level of compliance across all programs

➲ Increases Profit

Certification Process

Step1: Learn about SQF Code

Step2: Register your organization in the SQF assessment database before scheduling the audit

Step3: After registering your company in the database request for an audit and chose your auditing company and auditing slot.

Step4: Designate an employee as an SQF practitioner and this has completed an HCCP based training and have an understanding of SQF code

Step5: Choose your type of certification

Step6: Choose a certification body and schedule an audit

Step7: After this make the payment of the required fee.

Step8: Auditor will make the audit and upload the report on your registered account

Step9: Grant of certificate

Stages to obtain Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF)

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