Fire NOC


The fire department NOC is provided by the fire departments of the specific state after having confirmed and tested the whole building resistance to fire, i.e. the building is fireproof and can prevent fire-related incidents.

Upon verification of an applicant's commercial or residential multi-story building, the Fire department issues the NOC. NOC issuance guidelines and procedures differ according to state. Multi-story buildings of more than 15 meters in height shall receive Fire NOC from the respective state fire services on a mandatory basis.

Need for Fire NOC:

For the following reasons, a business owner requires a fire license:

➲ A fire license is a compulsory prerequisite as an addition to granting a commercial license to the civic body in a given state.

➲ Fire NOC is one of the mandatory condition recommended by the fire department for carrying out any trade or business activities in India

➲ Fire NOC ensures safety measures are in place to protect people from any danger at the building.

For obtaining NOC the following checklist at various level must be checked :

a) Pre-construction specifications

The application shall include information such as the details of the company, the address of the business establishment, contact details, etc. duly signed by the business owner.

➲ Application shall be attached to with approved plan or building plan describing the fire fighting system

➲ Upon receipt of the application, a technical officer from the fire and emergency department shall visit the site to carry out a fire safety audit of the premise within 10 days of receipt of the application, which shall grant a temporary NOC to the company.

➲ The advice and suggestion given by the fire department shall be adhered to by the business owner who shall apply to the fire & emergency department the report on enforcement.

b) After construction Specification;

➲ After receipt by the owner of the Compliance Report & Declaration, the Technical Officer shall review the site and re-inspect the site and submit his recommendation to the head of the department for the final NOC When the head of the department has approved the application; the business owner shall receive the final NOC.

Steps for obtaining Fire NOC

Step 1 Submit the application form in physical form to the chief fire officer or fire service department for obtaining a fire clearance certificate, (the applicant may apply either online via the official website of the relevant state or offline)

Step 2 After receiving the submission, CFO Officer shall forward the same to the appropriate state inspector having the jurisdiction of a given state.

Step 3 The inspector concerned must visit the site and check that all appropriate equipment is installed along with the correct Fire Protection arrangement.

Step 4 The fire clearance certificate shall be given by the fire brigade inspector of the State concerned after inspecting the building with all the fire precautions in place and the inspector is fully satisfied with the security measures in place.



Once the NOC has been given it will remain valid for:

➲ Commercial: 3 years

➲ Residential: 5 years

Documents require for obtaining NOC


➲ Copy of building design specification issued by the building authority including site plan, construction plan, study report, etc.

➲ Building model

➲ Architect's approved building checklist

➲ Copy of the applicant's Aadhar and PAN

➲ A complete picture of the building taken from outside.

Stages to obtain Fire NOC

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