PASARA Registrations


PSARA License is a prerequisite before any person in India starts a private security company. The Private Security Agency is an entity involved in providing security guards and other related services as an alternative to the police at an establishment. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, popularly known as PSARA, governs the operation of the private security agencies.

After the PSARA (act) is enacted, it is compulsory for a security agency to obtain a license from the State Controlling Authority concerned before starting the business and, in the event of non-compliance, the law provides for severe penal consequences. When the state applies to the competent authority for a license to establish a private security agency. The PSARA License is issued to operate in or for the entire State in one or more districts of a particular State.

No individual or private security agency is permitted under the guidelines of this act to run a business of providing security services to other private business establishments, individuals, or property. The government, therefore, acts as a mechanism for licensing these entities, ensuring that they comply with the provisions of the Act.

In addition, obtaining a license under this act serves as proof that the organization complies with all of the PSARA guidelines and runs in accordance with those regulations. In addition, the entity which holds a PSARA Certificate of Registration is more trustworthy in the eyes of its potential customer.

Benefits of PSARA

a. Makes the training company strong

b. Draws more customers

c. Don't deny rights and services

d. Helps to gain future consumer trust

e. Boosts business reputation

f. Ensures the organisation's smooth running

Eligibility condition

Who can apply for PSARA?

a. Individual

b. Partnership firm

c. LLP

d. One person company

e. Private limited company

Eligibility condition

a. The person shall not be convicted of an offense in connection with the promotion, formation or management of the company (any fraud or misfeasance committed by him in relation to the company), including an undercharged insolvent

b. The person shall not be Convicted by a competent court for an offense, the prescribed punishment for which is imprisonment of not less than two years.

c. Shall not Keep links with organization or association which is banned under any law on account of their activity

d. Shall not be dismissed or removed from govt services on the ground of misconduct or moral turpitude

e. The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005, stipulates that the PSARA License will not be issued unless it is registered in India or has a proprietor or majority shareholder, partner or director who is not an Indian citizen.

Guard eligibility criteria

a. He must be an Indian citizen

b. The person's age limit has to be between 18 and 65

c. In addition, the person must under no circumstances have been terminated from any government serviced

d. The person must also meet all the physical standards prescribed

e. Finally, the person should assure his / her character to the PSARA


STEP 1 Qualifying Papers/documents

The first step to applying for a PSARA license is to collect all required registrations, such as Pan Card, TAN Number, GST, PF, ESI, establishment registration under the Shops & Establishment Act, ITR of each director, and so on.


STEP 2 Signing MOU with a training institute

The applicant to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with a recognized training institution to train its guards and agents. To this end, each state has acknowledged various security training institutes.

STEP 3 Police Verification

A police verification application is submitted by the applicant in Form -I and, if the applicant is a company, company or any other person association, a separate verification form shall be submitted for each partner or director.


STEP 4 File Application

The request for Psara is filed before PSARA's controlling authority, which will then be processed for verification. After receiving the NOC from the Police authorities concerned, the controlling authority may either grant the License or with a reason reject it.

The cumulative time for completing the PSARA License grant process is approximately 60 days from the date the PSARA application is submitted. It is possible to apply for a License for a district or five districts or a state. For each state the application process is different.

Documents required

Although the documents vary from state to state, there are common documents that you would need to attach along with the request to get the PSARA license. The records you will have to provide are as follows:


a. Director and employee identity proofs

b. Address evidence from the Agency's office

c. The affidavit obtained under the Regulation Act for Private Security Agencies

d. The Agency logo

e. PAN of Promoter

f. Two promoter photographs

g. Registration information obtained from Company Tax Department

h. Certificate according to the Shops and Establishment Act

i. Registration in ESI

j. PF registration

k. Safety training affidavit

l. Arm license

m. Guard Character certificate

n. ITR of all directors

o. MOA of company

p. Security guards detail

Stages to obtain PASARA Registrations

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