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Registration-Cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC)

Registration-Cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a certificate validating an exporter dealing with products registered with an agency / organization authorized by the Indian Government. The certificate shall be issued in India by the Export Promotional

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Registration-Cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a certificate validating an exporter dealing with products registered with an agency/organization authorized by the Indian Government. The certificate shall be issued in India by the Export Promotional Councils or Commodity Board for five years. An exporter wishing to get an RCMC must declare in the application its mainstream business. This application relating to that line of business would be submitted to the Export Promotion Council / Commodity Board. The certificate is issued by Export Promotional Councils or the commodity board of India for 5 years.

Who needs RCMC certification

a. Applicant engaged in the business of import/export of restricted item

b.Any person applying under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) for any benefit or concession such as duty drawback, duty credit scripts et

Certificate issued by Spice Board for exporting Spices shall be treated as RCMC, no need to apply for RCMC separately in this case.

Procedure of registration

An application with the concerned Export Promotional Council (EPC) must be filed using the form ANF 2C. The exporter may be listed under two categories; Merchant exporter and Manufacturing Exporter. If an exporter prefers the manufacturing exporter alternative then proof of that will have to be submitted.

Further, the following points can be useful to the exporter in regard to RCMC registration:

a. An exporter has to announce his main line of business when applying for RCMC. The RCMC will be collected from the Council for Export Promotion, depending on the line of business. If an exporter is dealing in coconut, he will then fall under the Coconut Development Board and have to apply to the same for RCMC.

b. If an export product is not covered by any of the above-mentioned export promotional council/commodity board etc., then RCMC is obtained from the FIEO (Indian Exporters Organization Federation) in that case.

c. In the case of multi-product exporters who are not registered with an EPC or where the business line is still to be settled, the exporter will have an option to obtain RCMC from FIEO.

d. RCMC can be obtained from the Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotional Council (except for the product cared for by APEDA, Spices Board, and Tea Board) in the case of multi-product exporters having their head office / registered office in north-east states.

e. The Director, Handicrafts, Government of Jammu & Kashmir is authorized to issue Registration Cum Membership Certificates (RCMC) for exporters of crafts and handloom products from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Documents required for registration:

  1. A self-certified copy of the number of the importer Export Code (IEC), issued by the relevant licensing authorities.


  1. Bank certificate supporting the financial soundness of the applicant.


  1. MSME/SSI / IEM certificate where the registration as a manufacturer exporter is sought.


  1. The export and import declaration made during the preceding financial year.


  1. A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Companies or Partnership deed for Partnerships.


RCMC compliance

a. Each exporter shall furnish quarterly return/details of its exports of various commodities to the registration authority concerned.

b. In the event that an exporter is registered with FIEO, he shall also send quarterly returns in the specified format to FIEO.


Intimation Of Changes In Constitution Of RCMC Holder Company

In the event that any exporter changes ownership, constitution, name, or address, the exporter shall intimate the change to the registering authority concerned within one month of the transition.


Consequences of violating compliance

The Export Promotional Council may, after giving a reasonable opportunity to be heard, de-register the exporter for a specified period for breach of conditions of registration.

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