General Accounting

What is General Accounting?

Accounting is a draconian subject and includes various sub-sets under its ambit. like financial accounting, management accounting, general accounting etc. These categories represent a specific type of activity and underlying applicable standards defining presentation and documentation of the financial statements. different accounting categories operate under their specific legal regime prescribed by the applicable provisions of law.

General accounting is a vital thing for every business owner and essentially refers to general ledger collection and accounting activities that include collecting ledgers of general accounts in debits & Credits and documenting the periodic financial ledgers. This kind of general accounting process is widely undertaken by medium to small businesses. It is noteworthy that general accounting.

What does corpzo offer?

Corpzo provides a broad variety of accounting services which are tailor-made to suit the needs of our customer. We provide the following accounting services to our valued clients.

1. Accounting (Domestic & International)        

2. Book-keeping

3. Payroll management

Accounting Services:

We provide daily bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses and start-ups. For SMEs, we provide support on compliance issues such as monthly and annual GST filing, and for Start-ups, we offer our expertise in setting up accounting systems, processes and policies according to the particular market environment in which that company operates. We act as a virtual accounting team for your business and ensure you get a periodic update on every financial activity of your business on a periodic basis. This enables our client to put their energies in their core business activities while we take care of their books.

Payroll management:

Payroll management Our committed and knowledgeable staff must ensure that the following services are handled correctly and efficiently:

1. Monthly wage/salary estimation

2. Payslips production Payroll Statutory Contribution (PF / ESI etc).

3. Calculation and deduction of TDS.

4. Contractual Labour Payrolling

Our Service Include

We believe in the establishment of a proper accounting system, accounting processes, and policies Administrative services related to accounting, such as the processing of payment vouchers, the supply of cheque signatories, the bank in and check filing. We ensure that all the applicable accounting standards are followed and that the finances are managed in a manner to avail maximum benefit under the current applicable tax regime ensuring smooth business operations for you:

➲ Establishing proper accounting systems

➲ Accounting processes

➲ Policies administrative services related to accounting

➲ Banking services related to accounting services

Preparation of financial results and plans as follow:

➲ Monthly Profit and Loss Report (Useful to manage expenses and focus on revenue generation activities)

➲ Quarterly financial statements

➲ Profit and loss statements

➲ Trial balances

➲ Bank reconciliation (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually)

➲ Cash flow Report

➲ GST returns (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually)

➲ Advisory with respect to remuneration structure of the existing workforce

Why should your otusource your accounting to Corpzo?

Every company needs a bookkeeper and an accountant who can manage all the cost and revenue stream/heads efficiently and in a systematic manner. Accounting is a vital part of managing a business but is technically a non-core business activity. We, at Corpzo, offer a professional team of accounting spearheaded by leading market and domain experts who are equipped to manage your accounting in minimal cost in a maximum professional manner.  General Accounting is the kind of role which can be easily outsourced as it enables the owner or promoters of the business to free up the productive time and energy of their essential employees and direct it towards more critical tasks such as sales, logistics, service delivery, customer support and new research and developments in product or service.

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