FAMI-QS Certification


Food safety is a regular concern not only for consumers but for every food industry stakeholder as well. Feed safety is equally important for animal products, especially in the light of the various food scandals that have occurred in the past years. The EU has introduced many regulations regulating a significant part of the feed activities to reduce health risks due to feeding safety. The FAMI-QS developed a certification specifically aiming at the specialty feed ingredients and mixtures present in animal feed to support companies with their feed quality and safety system.

The FAMI-QS (Feed Additive and Pre Mixture System) certification is a standard set out in European Animal Feed Regulation No 183/2005 which addresses feed safety, legality, and quality objectives. The aim of this certification is to provide guidelines for the regulation to manufacturers and traders concerned and to help them develop their own procedures to minimize the hygiene risk associated with additives and premixtures in the feed chain.

The FAMI-QS certification is based on many EU laws, the Codex Alimentarius, the HACCP principles, and many Member States' national management systems, such as the GMP or the Code of Practice, to ensure feed protection. By building on this text its standard, the FAMI-QS is a complete certification covering many areas such as:

➲  Health management systems for quality and feed,

➲  Traceability procedures,

➲  Product regulatory compliance,

➲  Human resources,

➲  Infrastructures

➲  Equipment maintenance and cleaning,

➲  Waste control

Applicable on

➲   Manufacturer of animal feeding ingredient

➲   Trader of animal food

Benefits and Process of procuring Certificate

Benefits of FAMI-QS certification:

➲ Reduces hygiene risk of animal feed and to increase the quality feed

➲ Development of stakeholder form feed sector

➲ Standard is based on real-life processes, hazards and risk analysis recurrent in the industry

➲ Used as a legal compliance tool, the FAMI-QS is recognized by the European Commission, local authorities but also by your consumers seeing here the sign of a positive approach to the health and quality of food.

➲ The FAMI-QS often escape extra-audits for these certifications, thanks to mutual knowledge of local animal feed schemes.

Process of procuring this certification:

➲ Product evaluations with internal audit and FAMI-QS checklist in an applied application

➲ Product identification and FAMI-QS checklist in the application

➲ Assessment of your application by FAMI-QS. You will receive an acceptance note, along with an invoice for an annual membership fee, if accepted

➲ Select a certifying body for auditing

➲ The authorized certification body will audit your company in two phases:-

  • Feed Safety Management System assessment
  • FSMS implementation verification

➲ Audit findings and potential follow-up of all FAMI-QS criteria

➲ FAMI-QS checks and validates the audit

➲ Annual reporting audit

FSMI-QS code

Stages to obtain FAMI-QS Certification

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