Kosher Certification


Kosher is a Hebrew word meaning "fit" or "healthy." If "kosher" is applied to food, it means that a food item is prepared for consumption under Jewish law, while the term "kashrus" refers to the general subject matter of kosher food.

Complete separation of meat and dairy products is a fundamental principle of kashrus; they may not be cooked or eaten together. A kosher kitchen has separate meat and dairy dishes, utensils, cooking gear, and preparation areas.

Kosher Certification is a mechanism whereby an organization guarantees that its food is kosher — fit for consumption by observant Jews who follow a religious dietary ritual rooted in biblical Jewish tradition. Some kosher foods have the labels which say “U or K”

Kosher certification is provided by a third-party certifying Jewish agency. A representative of the certifying agency visits the production plants of the applicant and thoroughly inspects every aspect of the operation, from the supply of food and material to the end of the production process.

Food may be prepared and manufactured under rabbinical supervision, depending on the product, to ensure that the finished product compliant with kosher laws.

The Kosher certification, therefore, which obtained such products, suggests that such goods follow the precepts of the Jewish faith and are considered pure and fit to be eaten by the adherents of that faith.  It groups from the composition and ingredients of the product to the production process, putting special attention in the preparation and also in the cleaning.

The food is classified into three categories:

  • Dairy (jalabí) goods,
  • Flesh (basarí)
  • Neutrals (with parve).

Who needs Kosher certification

a. Manufacturer of foods and food ingredients with dairy products, meat products & Neutrals.

b. Contract manufacturing companies providing services to numerous companies which may be averse to some kosher certification requirement.

c. Food manufacturer which prepare foods as per Jewish law

Benefit of Kosher certification

Demand for approved kosher products has risen rapidly. Sales of kosher-certified products have risen at an annual pace of 15 percent over the past few years. In fact, according to recent market research, 'Kosher' was the most frequently used claim on new products launched in the US, used more often than 'All Natural' and 'No Additives or Preservatives.' In fact, approximately 80 percent of all kosher food sales are sold outside the Jewish "traditional" market. Currently, more than 500,000 products are certified kosher and consumers spend more than $165 billion annually on those kosher products. The Kosher symbol has become synonymous with accountability for millions of consumers, quality and food safety.

a. Certification will lead to market expansion

b. Certification will built trust of customers

c. Certification will increase the demand of the organisation

Procedure and Documentation

Process of certification

STEP 1 Determine the viability by gathering information on a Kosher certification system.

STEP 2 Provide a free quote and overview of what will cost & require Kosher certification.

STEP 3 Complete the process of ingredient documentation, verifying their Kosher certification qualification.

STEP 4 Review and approval of Kosher certification contract

STEP 5 Inspection and verification on-site, to complete the process of Kosher certification.

STEP 6 Payment of fees and obtaining the certificate


a. Company detail

b. Product detail

c. List of raw material

d. Product approval request

e. Production plant detail

f. Process of production

Stages to obtain Kosher Certification

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