RNI Registration | Registration of a Newspaper

Introduction to RNI Registration

RNI stands for the Registrar of Newspapers of India. RNI registration is a mandatory requirement to start a business of newspapers, magazines or journals in India. In India all the publishing industry is governed under the press and books registration act, 1867. Nowadays this is one of the most rapidly growing industry. All the daily, weekly, month newspapers, magazine or journals are required to get them self-registered under Registrar of Newspaper for India, which is governed by the ministry of information and broadcasting. This Ministry is responsible for controlling and framing rule regulation for Registrar of Newspaper for India (RNI) under the press and registration of books act, 1867. There is a need for prior approval of RNI to start a business of newspaper, magazine, and journals etc.

Publishing Industry is growing very fast in India. Press and Books Registration Act, 1867 is the primary statue that governs and regulates the Publication of books, newspapers and magazines.

The office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) is controlled by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and it is also responsible for framing rules under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867. So, anybody who’s willing to start a Newspaper or Magazine, Journals, etc. will have to seek prior approval of RNI.

The Regional offices of RNI are in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Who needs to get registered under RNI?

All person or body corporate who is indulged in the business or going to establish the business of printing of newspaper, magazine or journals etc.

Process of RNI Registration

STEP 1: First step is to verify the name availability for the proposed name of the newspaper, which is verified by RNI. For verification of the title an application is required containing the following Information:

  • Name of newspaper
  • Name of owner
  • Circulation language
  • Periodicity and
  • The proposed area of newspaper publication

STEP 2: The application will be filed online with RNI and information will be submitted to the concerned district magistrate.

STEP 3: Once District magistrate verifies the credentials of the applicant and then forward the application to the RNI for checking the availability.

STEP 4: After verifying the name RNI will issue the letter of the title to notify the district magistrate and to the publisher.

➲ STEP 5: After this, a declaration in form-I is required to be filed by publisher with district magistrate to start the publishing the newspaper.

If the periodicity of the newspaper is daily or weekly, within 45days from the date of authentication of declaration, the first issue of the newspaper should be brought or in other cases of periodicity within 90 days newspaper should be brought.

Documents Required for RNI Registration

 Application for Registration in the prescribed form shall be submitted with the RNI along with following attachments:

  • Attested copy of titled verification.
  • A copy of Declaration of commencement of business in the prescribed format
  • A copy of first edition/issue of the applicant Newspaper’s/magazine/journal
  • Duly notarized and attested affidavit declaring that no-foreign collaboration exists with the applicant

➲  A copy of the agreement with the printing press and/or the publisher

➲ Certificate of incorporation (in case if the applicant of a company/ LLP)

➲ Copy of Certificate of registration under the respective shops and establishment (in case if the applicant is proprietor)

➲ Copy of Partnership deed (in case if the applicant is a partnership/ LLP)

➲ PAN of the firm/company/business entity

➲ A copy of the Board resolution on the letterhead (in case of Company)

➲ Identity and address proofs of partners/directors/Proprietor

Mandatory Information to be Included in a Newspaper

The newspaper should contain following information:

 Issue number

➲ Volume number

➲ On cover page title should be displayed promptly

➲ Dateline

➲ Numbering of page

➲ An imprint containing the following

  • Publisher name
  • Printer
  • Editor or owner
  • Publication place address
  • Printing press address

Post Registration Compliance

 FORM NO. IV which is a statement regarding ownership and other detail of the newspaper should be filled on the very first day of march

Annual Statement in form II on or before the last day of May every year

Stages to obtain RNI Registration | Registration of a Newspaper

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