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AGMARK Registration

The Agmark certification acts as a consistency benchmark and is similar to vouching for product authenticity. Agmark is regulated by 1937 (as amended in 1986) Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. Currently, Agmark Standards cover around 222

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The Agmark certification acts as a consistency benchmark and is similar to vouching for product authenticity. Agmark is regulated by 1937 (as amended in 1986) Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. Currently, Agmark Standards cover around 222 agricultural items, including cereals, pulses, vegetable oil, and other semi-processed goods. For the most part, the Agmark certification is a voluntary certification, unless it is explicitly made compulsory in compliance with the provisions of the Food Health and Quality (Prohibition and Limitation on Sales) Regulations, 2011.

The Government of India grants certification to Agmark. This trademark includes:-

  •  Papers from agriculture and horticulture.
  •  Food and beverages manufactured or partially manufactured;

Through its department, Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI), the Government of India sets standards for agricultural products that are enforced at the State level.

In the following table the group-wise breakdown of commodities is represented:

S.No. Name of  Group                                                   Number of Commodities Notified

1. Grain food and similar products                                            30

2. Vegetables and Fruit                                                             51

3. spices                                                                                    27

4. Edible Nuts                                                                              8

5. Oilseeds                                                                                17

6. Vegetable Fats and Oils                                                         19

7. Oil cakes                                                                                   8

8. Essential Oils                                                                            8

9. Fibre crops                                                                                5

10. Livestock, poultry and dairy products                                   10

It includes approximately 222 commodities in total including cereals, pulses, vegetable oil, and other semi-processed products.

Registration Process

STEP1 The person/company may either access the https:/dmi.gov.in website or visit the Marketing and Inspection Directorate (DMI)'s nearest office to obtain the correct application form. Form– A describes the domestic business requirement for the issuance of a Certificate of Authorisation for the Grading and Marking of Goods.

STEP 2 The necessary documents and the prescribed application fee shall be annexed and enclosed along with the application form, in accordance with the nature of the commodity for which the application is being submitted. The registration fee is to be submitted as a demand draft, and it will vary, to name a few, based on several independent variable factors as stated in the forms and their annexes which include grading fees, processing fees, etc.

STEP 3 To qualify for the grading and certification of a notified well under Agmark:-

  • The individual must have the infrastructure required for the processing of the products.
  • The individual must have access to an authorized grading laboratory or have his or her own laboratory.

Only if these conditions are met the person apply for a Certificate of Authorisation to the DMI office, which will be granted once the verification process is complete. Verification takes 30-40 days to get complete.

STEP 4 Analysis of the raw material and the finished product will be conducted by an authorized chemist before packing the product in containers.

STEP 5 The DMI 's field officers would perform daily tests on the graded and approved items by comparing samples from the packer 's premises with those on the market.

STEP 6 The renewal of the Authorisation Certificate may be done in Form A-4 for Rs. 5000

Documents required for registration

a. Document that authenticates the firm's establishment, such as the Certificate of Registration.

b. Memorandum of Association, for a Limited Company.

c. Partnership Deed, for a Partnership Company.

d. Company name and postal address, including contact details.

e. Full address of the premises where the gradation and certification will take place.

f. Name graded commodities.

g. A copy of the duly authenticated test report, from an independent laboratory, recognized by Agmark.

h. Sachets of product samples to be presented.

i. Details of the prior year's turnover.

j. Net Gross Product for the preceding year (in Kgs).

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