National Accreditation Board of Hospitals || NABH Accreditation


To improve the quality of healthcare services in our country for the class of population through various tools and support and methodologies, the government of India has established an accreditation known as the National accreditation board for hospitals and health care.

It’s an autonomous body established in2005, governed by QCI (quality council of India). It is responsible for framing policy, constitution and monitoring the QCI standards. It maintains the standard for quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement.

To improve the efficiency and competent organization to complement the healthcare system, to improve its efficiency and predictability of healthcare outcomes is the main objective of NABH

NABH accreditation means

➲ A promise to create a culture of quality, patient safety, efficiency and accountability towards patient care.

➲ setting up protocols and policies as per International /National Standards for patient care, medication management, consent process, patient safety, clinical outcomes, medical records, infection control, and staffing.

➲ Maintenance of respect, dignity, and courtesy at all times with the patient.

➲ Maintenance of transparency in billing and availability of tariff list.

➲ Monitoring of its services for improvement.

➲ Promise to prevent adverse events that may occur.

Benefits of NABH Accreditation

➲ It set up the protocols and systemizes processes for hospitals and healthcare

➲ NABH accredited hospitals or healthcare centre gets increasing recognition

➲ Improvises the quality and standards of the healthcare centre

➲ Provide a safe workplace and satisfaction to its employees and patients

➲ Look after the safety parameters of the recognised/applicant institution

Helps in incremental revenue generation (as the registered entity will have an increase in patient inflow due to recognition)

➲ It also ensures patient satisfaction and respect

Scope of NABH /Objectives

➲ Improvisation of healthcare facilities

➲ Maintenance of Quality of Service,

➲ It takes initiatives like Safe-I, Nursing Excellence, Laboratory certification programs (not limited to these)

➲ Education and Training for Quality & Patient Safety

➲ Recognition: Endorsement of various healthcare quality courses/ workshops

Procedure for NABH Accreditation

Step-1 submission of the application to NABH

The healthcare establishment or hospitals will apply to NABH in the prescribed application form. The application is consist of information:

➲ Self-declaration as per the NABH requirement

➲ Self-assessment as suggested by NABH

➲ Hospital manual/ quality as per the prescribed standards

➲ Documents to be attached along with the application 

  • Polices and procedure of Hospital
  • NOC related to MC
  • NOC from Police
  • NOC from Pollution department
  • Directors ID and Address proof
  • List of shareholder and their details
  • The objective of the company (of the proposed company)
  • MOA and AOA (of an existing company)
  • Other relevant document related to hospital approval

Step-2 Submitted application will be verified/ scrutinized by the department

Department will meticulously scrutinize the submitted form along with the respective attachments and if any discrepancy in the application or if any clarifications are needed, then the department ask the applicant to rectify or explain the same before granting registration. If the application is fit and proper then acknowledgment letter with a unique reference number will be issued by the department to the applicant.

Step-3 Pre-assessment

Department will align a principal inspector/valuation team who is accountable for pre-assessment of the hospitals.

Step-4 Final Assessment

Applicant hospital(s) need to take corrective measures to rectify any queries/discrepancies raised by the department during the process of PRE-ASSESSMENT in order to achieve successful final assessment. In final assessment a full review of hospital functions and services offered by them

Issuance of Accreditation certificate: On passing the final assessment NABH will issue a certificate of accreditation to the hospital for a period of 3 years.

Step-5 Reassessment and surveillance:

NABH team will re-assess and conduct regular surveillance for the next three years after issuance of a certificate on regular intervals.

Documents required for obtaining NABH:

➲ Registration certificate of the applicant establishment

➲ MOA/AOA/COI (if the establishment is in the form of the company)

➲ Certificate of Registration in case of business entities other than Companies

➲ Fire NOC

➲ Lift  NOC (if the hospital is equipped with lift facility)

➲ Police NOC

➲ Pollution NOC

➲ Id and address proof of owners (applicant)/ Director (in case of a company)

➲ Address proof of the establishment

➲ List of shares allotted and details of shareholders

➲ Other relevant information and documents of hospital as may be demanded by the Authority

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