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Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility [EPR] is a legislative strategy implemented by industrialised nations in order to encourage and promote the reuse, recycling, and eco-friendly disposal of electronic and polymer waste. EPR lays the responsibility of disposing of this waste on the manufacturer of the goods itself. EPR rules are put in place to ensure that the manufacturer/producers take the responsibility of minimising the impact of the waste generated by their products.

The producers are required to collect back the waste generated from their products when such products reach the end of its life cycle. It THis can be done either by promoting the collection (take-back process)  of the waste generated post the consumption of their products or by encouraging the recycling of such products in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Recycling should be done or assigned only to the recyclers registered with the respective Pollution control committee or Board.

EPR is issued by central pollution control board (CPCB) to producers who are responsible for the generation of e-waste or plastic waste or polymer waste or bulk users of these wastes.

EPR Authorisation (E-Waste)
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EPR (E-Waste) is a mandatory Authorisation required to be obtained from the CPCB by every Producer, Importer and Brand Owner of Electronics.

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EPR Authorisation (Plastic Waste)
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Plastic has many uses, and due to its physical and chemical properties leads to huge commercial use and success. The indiscriminate disposal of plastic has, however, become a major environmental threat. In particular, plastic carrying bags are the main co

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