Pollution License from Haryana Pollution Control Board

Documents required for registrations:

A. Authorized person Photograph and Signature

B. Authorized person ID and Address proof

C. MOA/AOA/COI in case of company form of business OR Partnership Agreement in case of LLP/Partnership firm

D. List of raw material, by-products along with the quantity

E. Business address proof- electricity bill/load sanction letter

F. Process flow chart

G. Site Plan (Map)

H. Pollution license

The process to apply for Factory License in the state of Haryana


Create user login through active mobile and email id on web link


After this fill all the basic information detail of proposed factory in the provided Performa. This Performa contains all the basic information of the factory like address, workers, amount of power used, Details of occupier /manager, Manufacturing process & declaration etc


Now the applicant have the options to submit the application for any eligible e-Services


To obtain Registration, Grant of factory license, its renewal and amendment under the Factories Act, 1948 and Rules framed thereunder, user selects the icon meant for the service: 


Forwarding letter - User may state their contentions by uploading any prepared documents.


Fill up the Application in Form No. 2 - The online application in form no 2 (system generated form) is submitted. It uses all the data already filled in BIP, wherever required.


The scanned copy of the documents as listed on the website, as applicable, is uploaded along with the application. The document should be legible and size of the individual document not to be more than 2 MB per document.


Pay the required fees, the fees is calculated automatically.


At the time of final submission of form no. 2 as an application for factory license, OTP (One Time Password) is sent to registered mobile number for verification. Once verified, the application is submitted into the system for internal processing / scrutiny. Make sure user has provided valid mobile number. He can change the mobile number / e-mail at any time after logging into his/her profile but the changed mobile / email shall have to be verified.

STEP 10:

After submission of the complete online application along with attachment and payment of statutory fees, the application gets automatically reflected in the account of the department officers/officials for scrutiny of the application and attachments.

STEP 11:

The application is scrutinized at the first level of dealing assistant in the department, who records his observations and mark the case in the system to the next level officer account who further scrutinized the case and observations provided by first level and marks the same in the system to the competent authority for grant of the certificate otherwise asks the applicant to make compliance of the observations.

STEP 12:

The officers/officials during scrutiny process record his/her observations, if any, on the application and make known to the applicants via automatic generated e-mail and SMS. The observations are also visible to the applicant on real time basis when he/she login to view the status of application. The applicant can reply or make the compliance to these observations in the login panel of this eservice itself

STEP 13:

The compliance made by the applicant gets automatically reflected in the account of the scrutiny officers / officials. After satisfaction of the compliance the competent authority grant the license or renew or amend it as the case may be if application is complete in all respect and applicant can download the license from his login

STEP 14:

Once application is approved, user can download the license certificate online by logging into the system. The downloaded license carry randomly generated 16 digits number for third parties to easily verify the approval certificates in the public domain of the past years as well.