Corpzo provides detailed and specific advisory to the business owners as per the prescribed laws so that there are no legal penalties due to no-compliance. Every business or industry established in Delhi which generates any type of pollution shall obtain pollution authorisation or NOC’s as per the categories prescribed by DPCC.

What are the different types of Consent or NOC prescribed by DPCC?

There are 2 types of Consent prescribed by DPCC which shall be obtained by any business situated in Delhi which generates any form of pollution:

A) Consent to Establish (CTE): CTE is the permission to establish the business unit or industry granted by DPCC. This consent is granted as per the categories prescribed by DPCC. This permission is ideally required before even starting the business and prior to CTO.

B) Consent to Operate (CTO): Once CTE is issued the business owner shall apply for the consent to do business or the consent to operate in Delhi. This permission is put in place to regularise and govern the levels of pollution generated by the industries in Delhi.

What are the Permissions/ Clearances required?

A) Pollution Consent or No Objection Certificate (NOC) is to be obtained from the Delhi Pollution Control Committee in the following cases:

i) Prior to the establishment and commencement of the business unit.

ii) If an industry or business unit needs to have a system of Water and Affecting Effluent Disposal

B) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is to be filed with and approved from the respective Pollution authority Department for any industries categorised highly polluting.

C) Prior permissions are to be obtained from the Municipality, Municipal Corporation or Panchayat for any industries operating outside the nominated Industrial Areas.

D) Approvals/licence from Chief Inspector of Boiler is to be obtained for any business units business unit which uses Boiler.

E) A NOC of the Development Commissioner of EPZ (Export Processing Zone) is to be obtained for business registered as100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU).

What are the categories of Industries?

The Pollution Control Committees and Pollution Control Boards established by the MOEF (The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change) have prescribed the laws, statutes, rules and guidelines to regulate the pollution and protect the environment. Various types of of industries are categorised in different categorised and colour coded as below:

A) White Category

B) Green Category

C)Orange Category

D) Red Category

Procedure for obtaining Pollution NOC / Pollution Consent / Consent to Establish or Consent to Operate?

Step 1:Drafts are to be prepared along with the prescribed application form on the respective portal of the pollution control authority.

Step 2:The drafts and applications prepared shall be submitted online with the respective pollution control authority along with the prescribed fees.

Step 3:The submitted application is subject to applicable inspection and meticulous scrutiny by the designated officer. Post which the application is approved, reject or additional information is requested.

Step 4:The application is approved or rejected in accordance with the information submitted by the applicant and shall be approved or rejected in accordance with the provisions of the law.

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