Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2020

There's good news for Delhi's tipplers. The updated excise rules governing the sale of alcohol by the state government now allow the selling of liquor via mobile applications or other online platforms. Form L-13 license holders can deliver liquor booked by a consumer using an app or a website to their doorsteps, according to The Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2020, which were notified on 1st June 2021.

Except in Gujarat and Bihar, where alcohol consumption is forbidden, liquor contributes a significant amount to revenue in all states and UTs. According to a report released by the Reserve Bank of India in September, excise taxes on spirits account for roughly 10-15 percent of the state's tax revenue.

As a result, numerous state governments opted to cut to the chase and experiment with various methods to keep alcohol sales going even during the Covid pandemic-induced lockdown.

Following restrictions on their operational timings, the Supreme Court last year observed that states can consider home delivery of liquors without issuing any order in this regard, after citing images of overcrowded liquor shops with customers not maintaining social distancing norms during a raging Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the modified law, the following individuals are permitted to deliver liquor and where they may do so.

  • According to the notification, only liquor merchants possessing an L-13 license are permitted to begin home delivery of liquor in Delhi.
  • The licensee is only allowed to transport alcohol if it is ordered via a mobile app or an online web portal.
  • No deliveries will be made to any hostel, office, or institution under any circumstances.

Previously, home delivery of liquor was not explicitly prohibited, but holders of an L-13 license were only permitted to distribute at residences after receiving an order via e-mail or on a mobile app rather than a telephone call.

The license for L-13/13F:

L-13- License for retail vend of Indian liquor for home delivery

L-13F- License for retail vend of foreign liquor for home delivery to holders of license in form L-13

Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Excise is empowered to grant and renew the license for home delivery of liquor in Delhi (L-13/13F)

As per the released Delhi gazette

The license in Form L-13 for home delivery of Indian liquor and Foreign Liquor by

ordering through the mobile app or online web portal:

(a) the licensee shall make delivery of liquor at the residences only if an order is

received through the mobile app or online web portal and no delivery shall be made to any

hostel, office, and institution;

(b) the licensee shall not sell liquor to any person for consumption "on" the premises;

(c) the licensee shall not sell liquor to any other licensee:

PROVIDED that in case of licensees holding more than one license, the transfer of stock from one licensed premise to another may be made with the prior approval of the Deputy Commissioner or any other excise officer authorized by the Deputy Commissioner.