Food processing and food packaging have an important role to play today. Some technologies and techniques have been introduced to make the product more attractive and more hygienic. Food packaging has many benefits. Labelling also helps to store the rewards of processing after the completion of the process. The delivery of product to consumers becomes even faster in long distances from the point of origin.


Role of Food Packaging

Food preservation and the protection

Maintaining food is very important. It helps to recover the benefits of food after the process. It not only increases shelf life, but also enhances food safety and quality. Packaging security is divided into three parts:

1) Chemical protection: – This defends against shifts caused by environmental effects such as pollutants, sun, moisture, etc. There may be structural obstacles between different packaging materials. For example, an aluminium foil that is laminated to plastic film has the barrier properties of oxygen, water vapor, etc.

2) Biological protection: - This provides protection against bacteria, fungi, insects and other microorganisms that may destroy food. It also retains the requirements for managing the ripening, odor, spoilage and internal environment of the product.

3) Physical protection: - Protects from mechanical damage which provides bounce and dropping cushioning during distribution. For example, plastic packaging for products such as shampoos, soft drink bottles and other delicate items reduced the risk of broken glasses.

Marketing and Information

Advertising is known to be the product's nose. Attractive packaging and proper labelling will, however, improve sales and profits. It not only deals in promotions, but also provides the necessary information to customers. Marking in the product shall contain legal information, product identity, nutritional value, details to the supplier, etc. It also includes safety information and instructions for use.


Convenience plays an important role of labelling. It refers to the ease of entry, handling and disposal, microwave function, disposal, etc. Advances in food packaging make it easier to establish modern retail layouts. They also help to increase the value of the product and raise the competitive advantages.

Food waste Reduction

Packaging helps to have a positive impact on the environment as it eliminates food waste throughout the supply chain. Various techniques and methods are therefore used to reduce food waste. Packaging increases the shelf life of the food and can be used for longer periods of time. It therefore contributes to the reduction of total waste.

Other functions

Besides these functions, it has benefits such as the tampering with food and pharmaceutical products, traceability, etc.

Indian Food Safety and Standard Regulations

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI License) was established in 2006 under the Food Safety and Standards Laws. It consolidates the various acts and directives which have problems in various ministries and departments. FSSAI was therefore established to lay down scientific standards for food products and to control their production, storage, distribution, sale and import in order to ensure the availability of safe and healthy food for human consumption. According to the State, labelling laws should also have a legitimate FSSAI license number as issued by the Food and Safety Standard Authority of India.

Packaging and Labelling Regulations In India

All pre - packaged goods purchased should have the following labels: –

1. the name and address of the importer

2. the standardized or general name of the packaged commodity

3. the total amount in terms of the standard weight and metric unit

4. the month and year of packaging in which the packaged commodity is produced, shipped or transported

5. the MRP in which the packaged commodity can be marketed to the end consumer.

Specific regulations

In specific cases, the following should be in product labels:
1. In the case of irradiated food, license number and intent of irradiated food
2.Extraneous extension to the coloring material
3.The sign of the brown colored circle inside the brown square is shown on the food package if it is non - vegetarian food.
4. On vegetarian foods/edibles, It is mandatory to include a symbol of a green color-filled circle inside a square with a green outline specified by FSSAI.