DEFINITION – Bio Medical Waste means any waste which is generated during the treatment , diagnosis or immunisation of  animals or human beings or research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of Biological or in health camps , including the categories mentioned in schedule I.

APPLICABILITY –These rules shall apply  to  all persons who generate ,collect , receive, store ,transport, treat , dispose or handle Bio Medical Waste in any form including hospitals , nursing homes , clinics , dispensaries , veterinary  institutions , animal houses , pathological laboratories , blood banks , ayush hospitals , clinical establishments , research or educational institutions , health camps, medical or surgical camps , vaccination camps , blood donation camps  , first aid rooms of schools , forensic laboratories and research labs .

Non applicability

  1. Radioactive wastes
  2. Hazardous chemical
  3. Solid waste covered
  4. The lead acid batteries
  5. Waste cover under E Waste (Management And Handling Rules ) 2011

Obligation of the operator of a common Bio-medical waste treatment and disposal facility

  1. Take all necessary steps to ensure that the Bio medical waste collected from the occupier is transported , handled , stored , treated and disposed of without any adverse effect to the environment and  human health  , in accordance with these rules and guidelines issued by the central pollution control board  and Central Government or as the case may be, from time to time.
  2. Ensure timely collection of Bio medical waste from the occupier as prescribed under these rules
  3. Establish bar coding and global positioning system for handling of Bio –medical waste within one year
  4. Inform the prescribed authority immediately regarding the occupiers which are not handing over the segregated Bio medical waste in accordance with these rules.
  5. Assist the occupier training conducted by him for Bio medical waste management

Treatment and disposal-

Bio medical waste shall be treated and disposed of in accordance with Schedule 1 and in compliance with standards provided in schedule II by the health care facilities and common bio medical waste treatment facility.

Occupier shall deliver segregated waste as per the schedule 1 to common bio medical waste treatment facility for treatment, processing and final disposal.

In cases where services of the common bio medical waste treatment is not available the occupiers shall setup requisite bio medical waste treatment equipment like incinerator, autoclave or microwave.

Prescribed authority-The prescribed authority for implementation of these rules shall be the State Pollution Control Board.


Schedule I

Treatment option

  • Human anatomical waste –Human tissues , organs , body parts and fetus
  • Animal anatomical waste –Experimental animal carcasses , body parts , organs , tissues including the waste generated from animals used in experiment

 Yellow colour non chlorinated plastic bag

  • Soiled waste- items contaminated with blood , body fluids like dressing, plaster casts ,cotton swabs and bags containing residual or discarded blood
  • Expired or discarded medicine- pharmaceutical waste like antiBiotics , cyto toxic drug
  • Chemical waste- chemical used in production of Biological and used or discarded disinfectants

 Separate collection system leading to effluent treatment system

  • Chemical Liquid waste – liquid waste generated due to use of chemicals in production of Biological and used or discarded disinfectants , silver x ray.

Non chlorinated yellow plastic bags or suitable packing material

  • Discarded Linen , mattresses , beddings contaminated with blood or body fluid


Auto clave safe plastic bags or containers


  • Micro Biology , Biotechnology and other clinical Laboratory waste

Red colour non chlorinated plastic bags

  • Contaminated waste (recyclable)

White translucent

  • Waste sharps including metals


  • glassware



Procedure for authorisation-

  1. Create Login on the pollution department portal

For applying applicant needs to register them self on the state pollution board’s web portal

  1. Apply in form II

Make an application in Form II to State Pollution Control Board, fill up all the details of the unit, all the detail of bio-medical waste generated in the unit and attach the required documents.

  1. Review and Payment

After filling up all the details in the form, review the form before submission and make the payment of government fees (generally the fees is of 5k but it may vary state to state)

  1.  Application scrutinize by the department

The department will check the application and make sure that the applied application is okay with all described parameter Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998. In case of denial of renewal , cancellation or suspension of the authorisation by the prescribed authority the reasons shall be recorded in writing

  1. Issue of License

The authorisation shall be one time for non-bedded occupiers and the authorisation in such cases shall be deemed to have been granted if not objected by the prescribed authority within a period of 90 days from the date of receipt of duly completed application along with such necessary documents.In case of any change in the Bio-medical waste generation, handling ,treatment and disposal for which authorisation was earlier granted the occupier or operator shall intimate to the prescribed authority about the change or variation in the activity and shall submit a fresh application in form II for modification of the conditions of authorisation.

Documents required-

  • Id and proof of address of authorised person of medical establishment
  • Pan card of authorised person
  • Mcd license
  • Agreement of waste collection
  • Incorporation documents of company such as Pan Moa /Aoa
  • Board declaration for authorised signatory

When License is required

  • Prior to establishment
  • Prior to expansion of undertaking
  • When ownership gets changed