An individual with an entrepreneurial outlook can undoubtedly begin a small scale business with low investment. The government has launched different plans for subsidising small scale organisations and promoting them. It is empowering new companies and businesses in India to boost the Indian economy. You can begin your business from home or small premises, in this way saving expenses on the office area.

  1. CONTENT WRITING- Content writing has an immense extension since many companies and businesses require a content writer. Organisations need support with making pages for their products, blogs, website pages, and so on. The content writing business requires no venture. All you want is a decent order of language, writing, and understanding abilities. Since you get paid for each word you compose, it is profoundly beneficial. The more tasks you get, the more you acquire. At the point when you provide writing services to different clients, you get numerous tasks assisting you to earn a benefit.
  2. DIGITAL MARKETING- Digital Marketing is filling rapidly in India. Numerous internet-based businesses and companies need to have major areas of strength for a presence. Such companies and businesses require a digital marketing manager to assist them with developing their business. Digital Marketing implies promoting items and brands to potential clients online through different types of digital communication, for example, messages, web-based advertising, social media, text and multimedia messages. Consequently, you can begin a digital marketing agency on the off chance that you know promoting techniques.
  3. DROP SHIPPING- Dropshipping is a great deal like retail, yet it is done online. Dropshipping is where you restrict dropshipping suppliers and sell their items on your online retail store. The dropshipping providers will process and transport the orders you receive from customers. You will receive the order payment, which you want to pay to the dropshipping supplier after deducting your rate from the payment.You just have to put resources into an online store. This plan of action is getting in India. One of the most mind-blowing parts of an outsourcing business is that you do not want to put resources into loading or buying any item. You have a potential chance to procure high benefits as you can choose the net revenue or commission between yourself and the provider with a mutual understanding.
  4. VLOGGING OR BLOGGING- Blogging is now getting trending these days. organisations with web content are likewise hoping to make writes and require a blogger. Blogging generally means to write your opinion or experience encounters in a picked region. In the event that you like to share your encounters, examine things or offer viewpoints in light of encounters, you can begin a blog. You can make a blog in any space like way of life,food, design, tech surveys, business methodologies, and so on. Vlogging implies video contributing to a blog. Vlogging is where you take about a point and transfer the video on the internet.A decent laptop and internet are expected for writing for a blog or vlogging. It is profoundly beneficial since you will get payment from Google when you rank first on Google. Since the investment is low, you can create high profits in light of the perspectives you get for your blogs or vlogs.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT- In the advanced age, practically all organisations market their items and publicise them through digital channels and social media campaigns. You could begin a social media consultancy when you have decent information on marketing, branding, web presence, and communications.You should help organisations or people to post content and conduct campaigns to advance their products or services through virtual entertainment channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You really want to assist them with generating traffic and have a social media presence to produce leads. You should just put resources into establishing a consultancy and can procure high benefits by creating leads and online traffic for organisations.
  6. COACHING CLASS- There will constantly be an interest for a decent coaching class. students favour classes close to their home and which focus on them. You can begin an instructing class at home or on leased premises. After the pandemic, it is held online as you can instruct both online and offline. The investment expected for an online class is a laptop and an internet connection. You really want to invest in a board and a room for a physical class.You can begin coaching classes and certificate courses for experts by employing lecturers.
  7. WEB DESIGNING- These days, all organisations have their websites. Small companies additionally plan to go online and have their website since clients first hunt the business online to find out about their products or administrations. It has prompted an expansion popular among web designers. A web designer plans/makes a site containing the details of the business products or services and maintains the site. A web designing organisation doesn't need a high venture as you just need a PC, internet connection and web designing abilities. You can gain web designing skills from a training centre or an institution  You get paid for your web designing skills  and the projects.
  8. CLOUD KITCHEN- Cloud kitchens will be kitchens worked online. You need to enrol on an online platform or food application and set up your menu there. Clients will straightforwardly put orders on the web, and you really want to set up the food and convey it to them. You can sort out for a conveyance with the online platform or app to deliver them for a charge.There is an exceptionally low investment expected in this business as you get a good deal on laying out an actual spot for clients to sit and employing staff to serve the clients. All you want is to know how to cook and have the equipment to prepare and showcase food. You could open your food venture website and take food orders there.
  9. BAKERY- People purchase cakes for some events, similar to birthday events, goodbye parties, engagements, celebrations of an occasion, and so on. Individuals additionally purchase cakes, biscuits, baked goods, puffs, and so forth., as a snack. Accordingly, it is one of the most lucrative organisations in India. The speculation to lay out a bakery business is low, yet you want to know how to bake cakes and other pastry shop items.You can open up a bakery where there is huge client traffic. You need to invest cash in purchasing ovens and fixings to heat food. You might begin a web-based pastry kitchen by making your site or enlisting on an online food platform and selling your items there.
  10. CATERING SERVICE- All events, for example, house parties, birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, weddings, and so on., require a caterer to arrange food. In this manner, cooks are sought after to serve delectable food. To begin a catering business, you need a kitchen, cook, and transport office to deliver food.Consequently, the investment to begin a food cooking business is relatively low compared to the returns. A catering business has a high earning potential, particularly when you take it on the web and find additional clients.
  11. YOUTUBE CHANNEL- You can begin a channel on Youtube. There are many channels on Youtube, however assuming that your content is imaginative and creative, you will get more views and subscriptions. You can monetize from the views and subscriptions on your youtube channel.You just need to invest in a decent camera, mic, and internet to start a Youtube channel. You can get more views and earn money by posting videos much of the time. You can publicise companies' products on your channel and make money from them.
  12. FITNESS TRAINER- After the pandemic, many are aware of their wellbeing and need to remain fit. You can turn into a fitness trainer when you have training and knowledge. You can train people in yoga, Zumba, aerobics, and so on.Furthermore, even advise them on the food they need to eat to remain fit.There isn't a lot of investment expected for turning into a fitness trainer. You might need to learn fitness courses and go to wellbeing projects to train your clients. You can begin fitness training courses like yoga, aerobics exercise, dance, Zumba, and so on., online or rent a place for something similar.
  13. FREELANCER- A freelancer is somebody who gets paid for the work they do. You can be a freelancer in the space of your mastery, like writing, singing, photography,video editing, coding and so on. Many organisations enlist a consultant to finish their work. Since you won't be a worker of an organisation, you can offer independent support to many organisations and people all the while. You can make a social media profile and advance your outsourcing abilities and administrations to draw in clients.
  14. FASHION BOUTIQUE- Fashion Boutiques likewise have popularity. Numerous ladies like to go to fashion boutiques to get unique and customised garments. You can open a fashion boutique when you have a strong fascination with fashion and clothing. The investment to open a store is low.To open a fashion boutique, you should purchase stitching materials and tie up with dress merchants. You might make dresses yourself or get dresses from different wholesalers, customise them and offer them to your clients. You can begin a boutique from your home. The overall revenue is moderately great compared with numerous different organisations.
  15. APP DEVELOPING- App development is a productive independent business since many organisations require an app developer. App development includes making a PC program that a business expects for playing out its different tasks. Hence, you can make an app development business assuming you have the software skills and are an IT graduate.

This business doesn't need a lot of investment, however, it is exceptionally beneficial. You can work away at different undertakings all the while and acquire benefits.